Marc Séguin

Généalogie et rébellion
Sept. 9, 2009 to Oct. 3, 2009

The exhibition Généalogie et rébellion introduces two new series of paintings and drawings by Marc Séguin that more than give great figures of the past their due. In the series Généalogie, Séguin gives his own personal reinterpretation of the self-portraits of such leading artists as Rothko, Pollock, Freud, Warhol and Kall by removing any trace of their faces’ specific features since, as he puts it, “no one knows the faces of visual artists.” For its part, Rébellion, a series of drawings, deals with the political events that surrounded the rebellion of the Patriotes of Lower Canada (1837–1838). The drawings have been made on sheets of blank paper dating from the French Revolution watermarked with its Phrygian cap symbol. Here the artist ventures to make a connection that renews a type of politically engaged art. Created with extreme economy of means—small strokes, a few vibrant touches of colour—the two series complement one another in the intensity and, to a certain extent, the cruelty that continues to characterize this artist’s work. 

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