Marc Séguin

Trophées de chasse 2001-2020
Aug. 15, 2020 to Sept. 12, 2020

Galerie Simon Blais presents a brief retrospective of Marc Séguin's practice, bringing together central works that have marked the last twenty years of his production and that reflect his artistic concerns.

It is possible to see a resurgence both in the subjects, most of which are controversial, even disturbing (disasters, air crashes, wars, tormented characters), and in their treatment: highly precise drawings counterbalanced by a schematization of certain motifs; the omnipresence of an almost charcoal grey accompanied by a bright colour that enhances the composition; and finally the use of mixed and new techniques such as animal blood, ashes or taxidermy elements.

Marc Séguin's bestiary, including enhanced etchings, is also shown, as well as new paintings. Trophées de chasse 2001 - 2020 allows visitors to plunge once again into the world of the artist.

*Exceptionally, for the duration of this exhibition, we ask you to make an appointment for a visit on Saturdays.*

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