Harold Klunder

Peintures récentes
Nov. 19, 2014 to Dec. 24, 2014

The recent works of Harold Klunder, presented at Galerie Simon Blais, result from a technique he has been methodically refining for over four decades. This consists of applying thick layers of oil paint and defining certain parts of the painting by means of strokes and patches of contrasting colours, in such a way as to suggest human figures, if not self-portraits.

Although the look of these paintings might, at first glance, suggest a certain spontaneity in their creation, they are in fact painstakingly produced over a long period of time. This approach enables the renowned Canadian painter to carefully develop the composition of his works so as to achieve the balance and harmony that is his aim. Greatly influenced by the work of Piet Mondrian, some of the works on display are exceptional for their areas of exuberant hues, as well as those where the canvas has been left untouched. By combining such coloured and empty forms with all the precision he is known for, the artist is opening up a new and highly promising avenue of formal investigation.

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