Art Africain, Harold Klunder

Masques et Visages
July 15, 2017 to Sept. 2, 2017

After a hiatus of two years, Galerie Simon Blais is once again pleased to present a summer exhibition devoted to African art. On this occasion, we have put together an exceptional grouping of sculptures from different regions of Africa with some fifteen watercolours on paper executed by artist Harold Klunder from 2004 to 2016.

The collection of sculptures and ceramic works on display will testify to the rich material heritage of sub-Saharan Africa. Patinated by time and prolonged use, the wooden artifacts fashioned by the artisan sculptors of various West African peoples—the Ibo, Lobi, Dogon and Baoulé—will find parallels in recent watercolours by Harold Klunder, an artist whose idiosyncratic approach ranges from representation of the human figure to free invention. In this exhibition, in which the motif of the mask is present in both the sculptures and Klunder’s watercolours, African and contemporary art will engage in a dialogue creating a cohesive, as well as astonishing, whole. 

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