Rita Letendre

Mysterious Day
May 4, 2011 to June 4, 2011

Mysterious Day by Rita Letendre. A selection of recent works by Rita Letendre, a major figure in Québec modernism. These mature paintings represent the continuation of an artistic praxis that is remarkable for its great coherence in terms of dynamic composition and pure colour. Over the years, her work evolved from gestural abstraction to geometric abstraction and the hard-edge school. In the past two decades, however, she has revisited a more gestural form of abstract painting, one that indelibly expresses the vitality and intensity of a creative spirit that is forever being reborn. In exploring an expressive method based on the powerful control of light and colour, Rita Letendre now brings us highly personal paintings in which spontaneous gestures accompany vertical and horizontal structures that lend organization to the composition. Thus, in her most recent productions, she brings to the fore a brilliant synthesis of the essential elements upon which she has based her research on canvas for more than six decades. The compositions connect the immediacy of action and the mastery of form while releasing an explosion of dense colour and intense luminosity.

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