Catherine Farish

Violaine Gaudreau et Catherine Farish
March 11, 2009 to April 18, 2009

At the same time, our Gallery 2 will be the scene of an encounter between the works of two artists who have been a part of the Galerie Simon Blais story since its very beginnings. In the exhibition Insula, Catherine Farish will be presenting compositions—on paper, her preferred medium—dealing with light and space. These are intuitive works that move away from formal representation. For its part, the exhibition Dans l’encre features works by Violaine Gaudreau whose catalyst was the contrast between black ink and white paper. In them can be seen the play of solids and voids. As the artist has written, “The ink streams out on the paper. I take hand of its erratic rhythms, the chaotic run of blots and lines. Sometimes the erosion of the white surface becomes less distinct and simply comes to a halt. I welcome this duality—like day and night.”

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