Marcelle Ferron

Verticalisme 1970-1999
Oct. 16, 2013 to Nov. 16, 2013

On display in the exhibition Verticalisme are 18 paintings Marcelle Ferron created between 1985 and 1999. These works, all of which make astute use of the restrictions imposed by their vertical shapes, feature dynamic compositions marked by deftly fluid gesture. The wide range of treatments, brushstrokes and combinations of colours characterizing them testifies to Ferron’s uncommon mastery of the techniques of painting, her preferred medium, as well as reflects the pleasure the artist took in exploring the potential of a format whose proportions sidestepped any reference to landscape. In its resplendence, the body of work on view in this exhibition perfectly embodies the inexhaustible creative energy that drove this key figure in the history of modern Québec art.

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