Jean-Paul Jérôme

Un art plasticien 1958-2000
June 19, 2013 to Aug. 3, 2013

For its part, the exhibition Un art plasticien / 1958–2000 presents some twenty canvases and works on paper, as well as a sculpture, by Jean-Paul Jérôme, each representative of his rich and diverse career and, in particular, his approach to art as a member of the Plasticien movement. Throughout his life as an artist, Jérôme was fascinated by geometric constructions in painting. However, although geometric forms and the interplay of perspective and three-dimensionality guided his abstract compositions, colour was often the organizing element in his works. Indeed, from 1953 onward, his approach to abstraction involved the use of broad areas of flat hues. All his art was based on notions from geometry, concepts that, through the limitations they implied, led to the creation of visual worlds underlain by an absolute control of plastic means. As he was fond of repeating, “I’ve loved the purity of form and the resonance of colour my entire life.” The evening of the vernissage will also see the launch of the website ( devoted to the artist.

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