Serge Lemoyne

June 12, 2010 to Aug. 7, 2010

On view at Galerie Simon Blais throughout the summer this year will be 31 works by the prolific artist Serge Lemoyne, including screen prints, acrylics on canvas and paper, as well as elements of his home.

Within the immense body of work that Serge Lemoyne produced from the early 1960s right up until his death in 1998, one motif seems to have been particularly important: the triangle. At the time he executed his first paintings in 1961–1963, and then in his 1965–1966 spray-painted works on paper, the triangle appeared in a subtle way, practically hidden within an exuberance of pattern. It asserted itself more forcefully during the 1970s with his “red, white and blue” series, until it became the very subject of numerous works on paper (using folding and découpage), canvas (in the 1977 “pointes d’étoile” or “star tip” paintings on triangle-shaped stretchers), and in a 1978 series of eight screen-printed cut-out triangles. This same motif is also found in pieces literally cut from Lemoyne’s Acton Vale family home, a true work in progress that occupied the artist for over 20 years.

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