Françoise Sullivan

Rythme - Pastels 1997-2003
April 7, 2017 to June 17, 2017

Galerie Simon Blais is pleased to present, in another complement to the Papier 17 fair, works by its most experienced artist, Françoise Sullivan, in the exhibition Rythm – Pastels, 1997–2003. A dozen pastels by the famous signatory of the Refus globalwill be placed on view in the intimate setting of Gallery 3. While some of these works were first shown at Galerie Lilian Rodriguez fifteen years ago, a number of them have never been seen by the general public. Just as in her paintings, in this group of pastels brought together for the occasion there is “a kind of primeval imprint of body and movement, and a kind of ascendancy of blood and pulse.” (Louise Déry, La peinture à venir,2003)

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