Multiple artists

Papier 2021
Nov. 26, 2021 to Nov. 28, 2021

Marie-Eve Beaulieu, Carol Bernier, Bertrand Carrière, Serge Clément, Louis-Philippe Côté, Jean-Sébastien Denis, Éliane Excoffier, Catherine Farish, Michel Goulet, Isabelle Guimond, Alexis Lavoie, Rita Letendre, Julie Ouellet, Jessica Peters,  Louise Robert, Marc Séguin, Mark Stebbins et Françoise Sullivan.

The gallery will participate in the Papier fair from November 26 to 28, 2021 at the Grand Quay of the Port of Montréal.

On the occasion of this edition of the Papier fair, recent works by the gallery's artists are brought together, resulting from a wide variety of techniques (drawings, photographs, collages...). Compositions studied, structured, made of contrasts, threads and networks, sinuous lines, architectural motifs or other more stellar are mixed in the same hanging and testify to the wide range of artists that we represent.

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