Serge Clément

Sept. 7, 2016 to Oct. 1, 2016

Following the creation ofDépaysé, a work that drew from a stock of photographs made over 40 years, Serge Clément felt the need to return to the daily practice of photography. Added to that was the determination to take a fresh look at his surroundings, as well as question certain limits of the photographic image.

The result is Métamorphose, his first series of solely black and white digital photographs. In the seven intriguing works comprising it, the figurative and the abstract intersect. Through the multiple planes his images include, Clément scrambles perspectives and possibilities, consequently deconstructing our analyses and attempts at rationalization. In so doing, he captures reality, and treats it as an ambiguous surface, a malleable two-dimensional medium. In his simple, direct approach, forms and appearances become confused, and only the rules of the photographic remain. For they have been able to constantly confound, rattle, and reflect us, as well as remake themselves—from the analog to the digital. 

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