Nathalie Thibault

Mes prétextes
Jan. 19, 2011 to Feb. 19, 2011

The exhibition Mes prétextes puts on view some ten recent works by Nathalie Thibault. Within it can be discovered a series of variously sized paintings, created in pairs, that oppose intensities of dark and lighter shades of colour. Through the interplay of the dominant colours’ contrasts and oppositions, therefore, each painting has its own chromatic counterpart. Such an approach, free of any systematic rigidity, serves as the starting point for a fertile and unfettered investigation of the placement of unique marks upon a canvas. Proceeding from intuitive means, Nathalie Thibault creates compositions in which the juxtaposition of flowing lines that mix and intermingle makes manifest the depth of pictorial space. One’s gaze is lost within an array of shapes, bands and coils where areas intensified through accents of vibrant colours emphasize that very space.

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