Julie Ouellet

Les lignes fantômes
July 3, 2019 to Aug. 3, 2019

Following four years of investigations framed by the Île de Carillon forest, Julie Ouellet now presents us with, under the title Les lignes fantômes, some twenty works on wood and paper. This exhibition follows the one held in 2018 at the Maison de la culture Frontenac that marked the completion of her master’s degree. Here the artist reconnects with painting—a discipline she had given up these last years. 

Since 2015, Julie Ouellet has set herself limits in terms of subject, medium and size. Now, however, she is allowing herself to expand her scope in different ways, whether through a variety of formats, the addition of techniques she had put aside, or the multiplication of points of view. Through various perspectives and views, Ouellet lends new vitality to the landscapes depicted. Similarly, by means of the aggregation of shapes and patterns, the artist emphasizes the resonatory impact of her works. Using intersecting forms, she draws lines as if she were marking time like a capricious typewriter. 

Initially, a landscape may seem to be a stable construction, but it nonetheless changes constantly, altered by light and wind with the passing of the days and seasons. Likewise, on first sight the works of Julie Ouellet appear meant to be stable, but the manner in which she draws the same landscape changes and evolves over time. Wanting to refresh her line and expand her visual vocabulary, the artist has engaged in multiplying a single point of view.

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