Bertrand Carrière

Le Capteur / Photographies 2006 à 2017
Sept. 6, 2017 to Oct. 14, 2017
For years now, Bertrand Carrière has been working on a photographic journal, in parallel to his documentary projects. Le Capteur was first conceived out of 42 artists books he produced during this 10 year process. These books enable him to explore the many aspects of his work and are the meeting place where images collide and relate. In a distillation process, the journal looses here its chronological aspects and the usual thematic structure to become a new book, where images meet in improbable ways.
With this new project, Carrière continues his seach for the small, marginal moments, détails that mark his way, his family life, his travels, be they dark or luminous. Using motifs and recurring signs, he slowly builds an inner territory, a personal atlas, where the strange and the ordinary meet.

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