Caroline Mauxion

En des corps nouveaux
Oct. 10, 2018 to Nov. 24, 2018

The exhibition En des corps nouveaux will feature some fifteen recent works—sculptures and photographs—by Caroline Mauxion

Here the artist’s approach has been fuelled by both the personal experience of having one femur that was shorter than the other lengthened—a process during which bone is formed and solidified through contact—and an interest in the materiality of the photographic image, which is the result of the invisible contact of light with a surface sensitive to it. 

Ovid’s Metamorphoses also seem to permeate this group of photographs and sculptures, in which living beings are transformed into rocks, tears become a river, and stones soften when they come into contact with the earth. That influence is given concrete form in the exhibition through images printed on paper, torn, liquefied, or set on plaster. However, while these new works are more assertively figurative, Mauxion’s photographs are not understandable solely through their iconic dimension, but also through their texture and scale. 

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