Carol Bernier

Oct. 15, 2014 to Nov. 15, 2014

Gallery 2 will play host to a selection of recent works by Carol Bernier. In them she steadfastly pursues her exploration of colour and medium with all the skill she is known for. Bernier applies her colours to the surface of a painting in a truly sensual manner, creating atmospheric works that evoke the intermingling, superimposition and clash of elements. The result is a vaporously luminous body of work inviting contemplation.

 The vernissage on October 15 will also see the launch of the monograph Creuser avec les mains / Digging with Her Hands,celebrating twenty years of collaboration between Galerie Simon Blais and Carol Bernier. Lavishly illustrated and including contributions by Robert Enright, Hélène Dorion, Richard Desjardins, Danielle Legentil and Serge Marquis, the book, which features a preface by Sylvie Cataford and Simon Blais, will be on sale at the gallery for $39.00.


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