Michel Goulet

March 27, 2021 to May 8, 2021

***Exhibition extended for a week until May 8th, 2021***

This new exhibition begins with three new installations created over the past two years. In addition, there is a series of entomological boxes, cabinets of curiosities, which he is presenting in Montreal for the first time. All the works evoke the language and the idea of time, the present and immediate, the precious and fragile, and also, as in Proust's work, the time found in certain objects that revive memory and pleasure.

Michel Goulet has written: "I have always wanted my works to fascinate, to attract attention, to be a force of attraction. I have always wanted them to enchant, to engage the mind and to stir the feelings. I do not want them to be the object of indifference. I often give you the idea that my thought is made of lightness, of banality, of common and obviousness. But I want, like you, to believe that what animates our lives and induces pleasure joins in depth what we have of humanity. "

We will discover, once again, an artist who has not finished surprising us.

A leaflet accompanying the exhibition and containing a text by art historian Lise Lamarche is now available.

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