Stéphanie Béliveau

De l'origine de la fin
May 5, 2010 to June 5, 2010

Four years after her last exhibition at Galerie Simon Blais, artist Stéphanie Béliveau returns with a solo show that brings together some ten works on wood panel. Favouring, as always, the use of the most basic of materials (paper, some of it recycled, and charcoal), Stéphanie Béliveau has cast aside the representation of the societal ills of her time—war, cruelty, solitude and uncertainty. “My new work,” she writes, “shows a change in attitude towards the tragedy of the human condition that was, until now, the focus of my practice. Since humans continue to be obstinately deaf to the cries of suffering of those “living” around them, and since art is unable to change anything about that, well, I just have to accept it and watch with my eyes wide open while mankind rushes towards its extinction. My overly clear-sighted nature has driven me to such desperation that I have had no choice but to move to the other side of the fence, to a place where cynicism is no longer possible, where unvarnished reality can prompt a true act of love, where, faced with the imminence of death, all one can do is turn towards others.”

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