Louise Robert

78-328 — 78-343
Feb. 24, 2010 to March 27, 2010

The exhibition 78-328 — 78-343 brings together a dozen recent canvases from painter Louise Robert, a visual poet who uses canvas as her page and whose paintings, in the words of the French philosopher, Anne Cauquelin, are books in themselves. For his part, art historian Laurier Lacroix has lately written: “Contemplating a work by Louise Robert involves agreeing to take a stroll down memory lane and put our recollections, by their nature flimsy and misleading, to use once again. Memories of her own works have been stacked one upon another for close to thirty years. They have caught her compositions in the process of making and unmaking what have always seemed to be the same—both direct and palpable, leisurely and hurried, ecstatic and serene—gestures. The path her hand takes gives rise to surfaces that point to the play of colour and what its saturation, depth and mobility bring to mind.” 

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