Vincent Lafrance

Sept. 7, 2016 to Oct. 1, 2016

Nighttime offers strange areas of perception. They have inspired photographer Vincent Lafrance, who has travelled at a leisurely pace to small towns throughout Québec and the United States in search of nocturnal settings that seem to have been stage-managed. Since 2011, therefore, Lafrance has been photographing such places, located along the Champlain or Erie canals, or Richelieu River, where nothing happens, and yet, oddly, everything seems just about to happen. The images that result, calling to mind films and crime scene photography—in short, our common picture of night—are true to our collective imagination. For we imagine that time of darkness more than we actually see it.

In this exhibition, which is taking place at the invitation of Galerie Simon Blais, Lafrance will present a dozen black and white photographs drawn from this new series of works. 

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