Jessica Peters

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The work of Jessica Peters is rooted in the place in which she lives and inspired by how the passage of time is reflected in landscape. Using fragments of contemporary locations, as well as certain elements telling us about past places and structures, her paintings portray the arrangement of space and landscape. Through them she carefully examines the conflicting relationship between a space in the present and in the past, enabling the coexistence of several perceptions of the same place and thus creating a number of formal paradoxes. Subjected to numerous masking, sanding, impasto and scraping techniques, the surfaces of her works bear the weight of their medium and reveal the evocative power of colour and texture. Born in Saint-Jérôme, Jessica Peters lives and works in Brownsburg-Chatham.

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Oct 19 – Nov 16, 2019
Invasions May 11 – Jun 29, 2019
Depuis 30 ans – Maintenant See all